Roman Zakharenko

Associate Professor of Economics
International College of Economics and Finance
National Research Univeristy Higher School of Economics

Mailing address:
Office 2303
Shabolovka 26
Moscow 119049 Russia

Office phone: (+7) 495-772-9590, ext. 026081

Welcome! I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the Higher School of Economics. This page is dedicated to my broad research interests, which include international, cultural, transportation economics, as well as some applications of mechanism design. My CV and a detailed list of my contributions can be found below.

Curriculum vitae

Economics of transportation

The economics of parking occupancy sensors. Economics of Transportation, vol.17 (2019), pp.14-23.

Traffic Priority Mechanisms(pdf)
Previously circulated as "Algorithms and Mechanism Design for Traffic Management".
Best Overall Paper award at the 2018 conference of the International Transportation Economics Association.

Self-Driving Cars Will Change Cities. Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol.61 (2016), pp.26-37.
Most downloaded paper at Regional Science and Urban Economics as of July 2018.

The Time Dimension of Parking Economics. Transportation Research Part B, vol.91 (2016), pp.211-228.

Mechanism design

Optimal coercion in property assembly(pdf)

Cultural economics

Dead men tell no tales: how the Homo sapiens became Homo economicus (pdf).

Endogenous Growth and Demographic Transition in a model of Cultural Transmission. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, vol.26 (2016), no.5, pp.953-970.

Nothing Else Matters: Evolution of Preference for Social Prestige. Mathematical Social Sciences, vol.80 (2016), pp.58-64.

The Role of Passionate Individuals in Economic Development (pdf).

International economics

Trade Costs, Conflicts, and Defense Spending (with Michael Seitz and Alexander Tarasov). Journal of International Economics , vol.95, no.2, pp.305-318.
2016 Yegor Gaidar prize for young economists.

Human capital acquisition and international migration in a model of educational market. Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol.42 (2012), no.5, pp.808-816.

Differential Migration Prospects, Skill Formation, and Welfare, with Oded Stark. Review of International Economics , vol.20 (2012), no.4., pp.657-673.

Return migration: an empirical investigation (pdf).

Last update: January 25, 2018